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Update: Licensing delayed to July 1, 2024

Staffing agencies have been given a six month reprieve (from Jan 1, 2024 to July 1, 2024) in applying for licenses which will cost $750 for the application and requires a $25,000 letter of credit....

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Company hiring market

It is a company hiring market, the people laid off from the big tech companies are available. A Wall Street Journal article indicated that companies are: Being more cautious with hires, Taking...

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The advantages of direct sourcing

An SIA report “Unleashing the Power of Direct Sourcing:A Pathway to Workforce Optimization” cites that of the 80% of large organizations with a direct sourcing program, only 47% of them are...

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Independent workers

Who they are About 45% of the American workforce, or a record 72.1 million Americans, worked independently, in 2023. Baby boomers account for about 23% which is declining as they retire, Gen X...

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Gig economy – New ways of working

The gig economy refers to contract or freelance work rather than permanent job in today's labour market. Gig work encompasses professional contractors as well as part time workers and app workers....

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Commemorating Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as well as Orange Shirt Day.   This day honours the children who never returned home and the Survivors of residential schools,...

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