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The future of work: 7 reasons your company needs talent sharing

7 reasons your company needs talent sharing

Download our eBook on talent platforms and why talent sharing is changing the industry. Not sure what talent sharing is all about… no problem, take a quick look at our eBook and then book a time to discuss how it can help your company get an edge with access to top talent.

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Talking Digital at the CIO Peer Forum

On April 10th at 2pm we're talking Digital at the CIO Peer Forum. If you're a technology executive or leader you need to be there! Checkout the program it's going to be a great event! You can...

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The Perfect Storm and the Gig Economy

This article by IT Business summarizes the webinar from March 13th and outlines some of the key concepts in play to create "the perfect storm" for the gig economy and online staffing platforms. Read...

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