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MaRS launches hiring solution for displaced talent

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Curasion is working with MaRS Discovery District ( to launch a talent sharing platform for talent displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The offering, known as MaRS COVID-19 Talent Relief supports displaced workers and MaRS companies that are looking to hire.

When asked about the need for the program Manda Cuthbertson, Senior Manager of Venture Talent Services at MaRS shared her perspective. “Many brilliant, startup-tested workers have been displaced, thanks to COVID-19. But startups — and the economy at large — need talent to overcome this crisis.”

MaRS and Curasion were in talks prior to the COVID-19 crisis around releasing a talent solution to the MaRS community with the intent of helping MaRS companies access to top talent at rates that are more economically aligned with startups. “Given the current situation we decided it made sense to shift gears and launch the COVID solution first,” said Andrew Dillane, President of Curasion. “We feel that we’re in a unique position to leverage our strengths to help both companies and talent within the MaRS community that have been adversely impacted. Startups and their talent are extra vulnerable at the best of times.”

For more information and to join the program, hiring managers from MaRS companies should contact Manda Cuthbertson (

For more information regarding Curasion, please contact Andrew Dillane ( or visit

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