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What we do

Curasion is a next-gen innovative platform that provides companies their own talent ecosystem enabling them to be more strategic and proactive when it comes to hiring flexible talent. The result is far better access to top talent and significant cost savings.

Private Talent Cloud
helps companies organize, share, and stay connected with their top known talent.

Talent Cloud
Private and Open combined provide a complete talent ecosystem.

Open Talent Cloud
is powered by a network of talent partners who proactively share top talent where needed.

Change is here!

 “Human Cloud is the next big
disruption to staffing. It’s going to
change the way the industry runs.”

 Barry Asin, Staffing Industry Analysts

Problems we Solve

By applying a platform model to staffing and hiring, companies can eliminate the issues associated with more traditional approaches including:

Low visibility to talent including rates and availability.
Long lead times for sourcing talent.
Quality talent is hard to identify and locate when you need it.

High Cost of sourcing talent.

Business Impact

Faster Time to Hire
Realize the impact of achieving a time to hire from immediate to 80% faster on average.

Higher Quality Talent
Realize the impact of an invite only network and staying close to top known talent.

Lower Cost per Hire
Realize the impact of redeploying talent and lowering external sourcing fees.

Increase Revenue
Realize the impact of using a bench to capture new revenue sources and prevent leakage.

Five Key Differences

Here’s a few ways we knock the socks off traditional approaches to staffing and hiring.

Invite Only
Curasion helps your business proactively connect with top talent
and stay connected.

Establish pools of top talent ahead of need and get away from screening
hundreds of applicants.

Direct Access
Hiring managers benefit from direct access to candidates. Candidates like this as well.

You’re in Control
Build your own talent ecosystem leveraging both internal staff and/or external partners for sourcing.

Network Power
Access existing talent and a network of staffing partners at preferred rates, plus add your own partners.

Customer Insights

“With Curasion’s innovative and focused approach we are able to get all three… fast delivery of quality resources at a reasonable rate. Curasion acts as a true partner.”

Charles Segal

Co-Founder, River Analytics and Automation

“Curasion has allowed us to create a hub of top talent with rates, ratings and availability dates right at our fingertips.”

Doug Carsley


“We’ve increased the trust factor with our talent and suppliers dramatically. This new model is the holy grail for contingent labour.”

Sean Ford

Program Manager, Subcontractor Management, Deloitte

“The Curasion platform has changed the game for our strategic sourcing of talent. While we will save millions in recruitment costs we are also seeing dramatic improvements in our time to hire, quality of hire, and sharing of talent across the organization.”
Stephen Resar

Partner, Deloitte