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Need Guidewire Talent Right Now? Curasion Has The P&C Insurance Sector Covered

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Shaheen Kheraj is the kind of person who will prove instrumental to the way the property and casualty insurance sector achieves digital transformation. The only question is how many companies she’ll be able to help.

As a certified Scrum Master with a proven track record in quality assurance testing, Shaheen would probably be at the top of the list of candidates for most insurance companies that want to modernize their business, particularly if they’re interested in Guidewire.

As more than 400 insurers already know, Guidewire’s platform includes an array of cloud-based products that can streamline everything from offering P&C offerings to analyzing business results. It works as well for small businesses that don’t have significant IT resources as well as the largest enterprises.

When Guidewire Talent Becomes Hard To Source

Of course, the greatest success with Guidewire comes when you turn to the people who understand it best, and Shaheen is a prime example.

Based in Toronto, Shaheen knows products like Guidewire Policy Center and Guidewire Billing Centre inside-out. Like a lot of top talent, however, she’s not looking for a permanent role right now.

“Overall, I prefer contract work for the lifestyle and variety of work,” she says.

There’s just one problem: connecting with potential employers in desperate need of Guidewire expertise is rarely as seamless as what the company’s products offer insurers.

We all know the process: agency recruiters scouring online, posting jobs to job boards hoping for the right person to apply, making random attempts at reaching out to candidates. Even when they make contact, those potential candidates might already been engaged, or out of the desired range in terms of compensation.

All this takes time and many that insurance companies don’t have. And meanwhile, their competitors might already be deploying Guidewire and reaping the benefits of its digitally-enabled toolset.

Close The Guidewire Talent Gap With Curasion

The alternative? Curasion, an online talent sharing platform delivered via the cloud. Curasion shortens the long lead times necessary for sourcing talent and addresses the low visibility of availability and pay rates.

Curasion allows your insurance company to find the flexible talent you need while reducing your time to hire, lowering your costs per hire and bringing in higher quality talent.

Curasion offers different as-a-service cloud models. Choose from private talent cloud to organize, share and stay connected to known talent; open talent cloud to access a network of staffing partners who share top talent; or hybrid talent cloud to combine the two.

This is a lot better than the standard experience for independent contractors, as well as the firms that increasingly turn to them.

“Using Curasion makes connecting with the right companies easy. Instead of headhunters, hiring managers can directly see if I’m available, what I’ve worked on, my expected rate, and determine if my skills match the profile with the open role,” Shaheen says. “When it comes to hiring, they can contact me directly. It really is a win-win as it benefits the company and the job seekers.”

Learn more about how Curasion can help with your Guidewire and other specialized talent needs. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible talent solutions and meet our team.

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