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What makes a good hiring manager? – Four tips

A good hiring manager knows what they need and what they are willing to offer to get the best fit for their external / contract workforce.

1. Job descriptions

A hiring manager needs to articulate, in a job description, what requirements are needed including education, skills and experience, as well as what skills are nice to have.

Job descriptions should contain:

  • Job title
  • Job purpose
  • Job duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, ‘must haves’ (*)
  • Preferred qualifications, ‘nice to haves’ and
  • Working conditions. (including – remote, hybrid, in-office expectations; travel etc.)

In addition:

  • Job descriptions should be less than 500 words.
  • Job descriptions may be posted for as much as 30 days and as little as one day.
  • Job opportunities are ‘real’. If the position is speculative, for instance in an RFP that may be won with the position a future possibility, the job description should indicate that and a potential time frame for start dates included.

2. Rates & Conditions

Hiring managers should support transparent communication including salary range and any conditions including ways of working.

If there is an expectation that the hire will be working in the office two days a week that should be stipulated in advance.

3. Hiring process

Time to hire varies with the company hiring process and can take as little as one day or as much as 12 weeks.

Companies on average conduct two to four interviews. Interviews should be scheduled in a timely manner so that candidates are left waiting for several weeks.

4. Communication is respectful

Hiring managers conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the hiring process and alway follow up with interviewees to inform them of the job status.

Great hiring managers also provide some feedback so that the candidate understands why they didn’t get the position and what they might want to do differently or skills they may want to invest in.

Hiring managers should be willing to provide the hire with feedback throughout their working together and if applicable a rating, review, and testimonial to help the talent get their next opportunity. 

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