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Trusting your professional contractors in a gig economy

“Ballooning by 30% during the pandemic, the gig workforce is now on track to surpass the full-time workforce in size by 2027” according to Forbes.

The pandemic was the test ground for how to hire and manage professionals that are working remotely or from home. When you’re dealing with professionals they want to do their best, it’s their reputation on the line. They have a vested interest in providing the best intelligence and skills by applying a strong work ethic. Company culture plays a big role in determining who can work from home and when. Some of the new ways of working are applied arbitrarily rather than strategically. It is apparent that companies can save on office space and employees can save on travel time when allowed to work remotely. Professionals with in-demand skills can choose who they work for and one of the benefits they are looking for is choosing their own way of working – whether that is fully remote or hybrid, is up to them. Don’t lose out on talent with top skills and experience, be flexible in the work styles you offer – remote, hybrid, or in-office.

Labour market shift – Are you ready?

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Hiring & staffing trends to watch in 2024

Where are people looking? 58% of hiring decision makers surveyed by Google identified large recruitment sites as the top sources for finding highly qualified candidates (more than their company...

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