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The future of work

The future of work entails looking at the positive and negative impacts that change will have in the coming years.

“The largest job creation and destruction effects come from environmental, technology and economic trends.” — according to World Economic Forum in Future of Work: Future of Jobs Report 2023

Technology is and will remain, the largest disruptor, with at least 23% of job churn in the next five years. The largest losses are expected in administrative, traditional security, factory and commerce. It is a safe bet that if your job title includes “clerk” you may want to consider reskilling now.

The largest gains or job growth areas are identified as agriculture, education, sustainability and digital based roles. The most important skills include analytical and critical thinking with AI and Big Data knowledge superseding them.

The study indicates that 60% of workers will require some type of retraining or reskilling however, the ability to get that training and deliver it has limitations and will create skill gaps.

It’s clear that things are changing and will continue changing at exponential rates. The best way to keep up with change is to be open to learning new skills and adapting to what is needed. Companies will need to have a better understanding of the skills their workforce has and if they can’t train or reskill employees then they will need to find gig professionals who can compliment their workforce to be a success. And professionals will need to keep pace with technological advancements and changes in order to remain relevant and in-demand. There are several free online training opportunities and professionals will need to recognize that learning, development, and reskilling will be part of their future.


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