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Gig professionals essential to relatable organizations

Mercer’s Future of Work – Global Talent Trends report defines relatable organizations as those that treat everyone in their talent ecosystem as a potential partner. They have adopted different work contracts (part-time, full-time) and models  (onsite, hybrid, remote).

Executives have seen the advantages to the gig workforce and have embraced it as a strategy, with 60% expecting gig workers to substantially replace full-time employees in their company by 2024.

Curasion empowers companies to effectively leverage gig professionals within a platform that provides hiring managers direct access to known professionals with no additional sourcing fees. Curasion effectively partners with clients to achieve effective, quality and cost effective results; with known talent for efficient and transparent engagements; and staffing partners in specialty services to increase their revenue while providing clients with the best candidates.

Labour market shift – Are you ready?

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Hiring & staffing trends to watch in 2024

Where are people looking? 58% of hiring decision makers surveyed by Google identified large recruitment sites as the top sources for finding highly qualified candidates (more than their company...

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