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Contract professional contact hoarding

It’s a new year and time to leave bad habits behind. One bad habit in the workplace is contract professionals contact hoarding, keeping contact information about your external professionals to yourself and not sharing, — a damaging dynamic that persists in companies.

The telltale signs

  • There are disconnects over external professionals hiring processes and little if any documentation.
  • One person or a small group of people, hold the contact information of  contract professionals the company has used in the past and sharing them is sporadic or nonexistent.
  • Disconnects are prompting long hiring processes, incurring considerable costs, and is requiring that the process is repeated for every hire, every time.

It is counterproductive, so why does the problem persist?

  • Decentralized hiring of external workers means that hiring managers may not even know who in their organization has hired or worked with contract professionals with the skills they need.
  • Hiring managers, project managers and procurement managers want to be sure they get the best team and tend to keep names of their best contract professionals to themselves.
  • Most hiring is just-in-time and not proactive, leaving the recruitment process rushed with quality apt to suffer.

The answer

  • Using a platform to track all contract professionals you’ve used in the past.
  • Having direct access to your company familiar contract professionals and not incurring additional fees or requiring the full hiring process (since vetting has previously occurred).
  • Having a transparent platform with talent, and their fees and availability, that you can access any time.
  • Being proactive in building talent pools of skilled professionals you think you’ll need in the next few months.
  • Getting support for new and niche skills with a streamlined process model.
  • Curasion is the answer.

Curasion is the new way to hire professional contractors so you save time, costs, and get the quality talent you need when you need them. It’s that simple.

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