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The advantages of direct sourcing

An SIA report Unleashing the Power of Direct Sourcing: A Pathway to Workforce Optimization” cites that of the 80% of large organizations with a direct sourcing program, only 47% of them are considered ‘mature’ even though those companies that are more effective at managing and attracting talent have a higher percentage of superior performance and are six times more likely to report a higher return on investment.

The report references an MBO study indicating the benefits of direct sourcing are:

  • 57% greater access to specialized skills
  • 56% consistent work quality
  • 53% cost savings
  • 53% quick engagement with the proactive creation of talent pools
  • 52% increased satisfaction for the hiring manager

In today’s talent marketplace 75% of large organizations have reported a talent shortage and most have increased their use of independent workers with 67% planning to increase their external workforce even more in the next few years. The benefits of direct sourcing are clear but managing an external workforce with specialized skill can be a challenge.

Curasion helps clients effectively maintain access to their own talent for consistent quality and with significant cost and time savings while also helping them proactively build specialized talent pools. Your external workforce shouldn’t be a challenge; it is a great asset when you can access the talent you need, when you need them.

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