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Real staffing concerns

In a competitive and fast-paced environment, companies need specific talent to do work when they need them. This is now predominantly a gig economy with contract professionals accounting for over 40% of the workforce.

And yet, some of the biggest concerns companies say they have is that the staffing agencies they use:

  • Are reactionary, they race to respond to a request but still take weeks on search and fulfillment
  • Say they can find talent that is in high demand and is difficult to find, and yet, they may take even longer to get the appropriate talent
  • Have high turnover with account managers changing on almost an annual basis which requires re-establishing the relationship and explaining their needs and culture over again

This may sound familiar to you.

Here is where Curasion comes in. Curasion is a talent ecosystem that:

  • Is proactive, with over 10,000 talented professionals in over 365 talent pools that can go straight to a short-list
  • Has in-demand talent, and a recruiting strategy that proactively seeks out talent for in-demand talent pools
  • Has a dedicated professional recruiting service, and what’s more, an ecosystem that empowers hiring managers with direct access to talent with searchable talent pools

It’s worth a conversation to alleviate your concerns.

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