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Independent workers

Who they are

About 45% of the American workforce, or a record 72.1 million Americans, worked independently, in 2023. Baby boomers account for about 23% which is declining as they retire, Gen X account for 29%, Millennials account for 33% and Gen Z account for 19% and is increasing.

What they want

Independent workers prioritize factors including pay, (53% reported they earned more working on their own then in a traditional full time job), with autonomy, flexibility, and control; while 70% indicated they are also looking for the opportunity to do something important. Nearly half of independents noted that their biggest challenge is that their income isn’t predictable, followed by worrying about their next job, making job security a real challenge.

Independent workforce growing

Companies report that 28% of their workforce is made of independent workers and that is expected to increase to 38% by the end of 2027. While 82% of organizations are improving how they integrate and manage independent workers into their workforce only 22% report being far along in this process.

For more information on the state of independent workers read: MBO Partners State of Independence Report

Who we are

Curasion is a platform and a service offering clients known and vetted talent empowering them to direct source without additional sourcing fees and low platform fees, and offering talent the opportunity to easily be re-engaged by clients which can ease the burden of worrying about their next job.

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