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Company hiring market

It is a company hiring market, the people laid off from the big tech companies are available. A Wall Street Journal article indicated that companies are:

  • Being more cautious with hires,
  • Taking longer to decide with an average 11 weeks to hire,
  • Conducting more interviews averaging about 4 and in some cases up to 9 interviews,
  • Demanding more “must have” requirements,
  • Adding testing for some technical requirements, and only considering the highest scores, and
  • Asking for presentations and uncompensated work like creating detailed strategy documents all under the auspices of ensuring the “right fit”.

Companies need to remain professional and let candidates know their status, and if possible, give constructive feedback.

  • People will remember if you ghost them and don’t respond but leave them hanging after they participated in your hiring process.
  • Smart companies won’t waste their time or talent’s time in excessive interviews.
  • It is also not ethical to demand work before hiring someone. A portfolio is a reasonable request.

Talent may consider going “freelance” or starting their own company or creating a side hustle. It is a gig economy with gig professionals seeking contract work, which in some ways is more manageable for companies and has less commitment for both parties. Known talent, or talent that is extended or re-engaged, have proven themselves on the job and reduce the need for long hiring processes.

Curasion works with clients to get the best, known and vetted talent which reduces hiring time. Curasion offers transparency to clients so they know candidates’ availability and rates, and can plan proactively to build their workforce, and for talent to know their status in the hiring process. Curasion has over 365 talent pools and deep experience in the technology and FinTech space.

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