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What we do

Curasion is an online cloud platform that is helping companies take control of their talent sourcing. It achieves this by directly connecting professional talent and the hiring managers requiring their skills. The bottom line, we simplify your talent sourcing.

PRIVATE Talent Cloud

helps companies organize, share, and stay connected with their known talent.

OPEN Talent Cloud

is powered by a network of staffing partners to source additional talent where needed.

COMBINED Talent Cloud

Private and Open combined provide a complete and simplified talent sourcing ecosystem

Change is happening

"Human Cloud" is shaking things up

“By 2019 one third of all companies will be using Human Cloud solutions for sourcing talent. (SIA)”

How it works

Quick and easy to get going. And we help at every step.


Sign Up for Access

Setup your company or group on the platform.


Create Talent Pools

Create and access talent pools for key roles.


Invite Talent

Proactively invite known talent and use partners to help.


Select and Hire

Select and click to hire the best candidate.

Key Differences

Changing hiring for the better

Connecting with talent proactively means they are ready when you are. Don’t wait until you have an open job.

Direct Access
Hiring managers benefit from direct access to candidates. No more connecting through an intermediary.

You’re in Control
Take control of building your talent ecosystem leveraging internal and/or external sourcing.

Payroll and Compliance
It doesn’t end at sourcing… Curasion can pass hires to different onboarding partners and processes.

Better Results

Not just better but proven

Hire Faster

Hire talent within days not weeks. Up to 80% faster.

Better Caliber

Pre-curated, invite only, combined with ratings, ensure high caliber talent.

New Economics

Redeploy known talent and use partners at special rates to achieve big savings.

Customer Insights

  • “The Curasion platform has changed the game for our strategic sourcing of talent. While we will save millions in recruitment costs we are also seeing dramatic improvements in our time to hire, quality of hire, and sharing of talent across the organization.”

    Stephen Resar
    Partner, Deloitte
  • “As an early user, I highly recommend Curasion. Great platform and amazing people behind it.”

    Alex Rykhva
    Partner, Levio
  • “With Curasion’s innovative and focused approach we are able to get all three… fast delivery of quality resources at a reasonable rate. Curasion is acting as a true partner.”

    Charles Segal
    Co-Founder, River Analytics and Automation
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