A Better Model

It's better in every way


Hire contractors within days not weeks. In many cases they are available immediately.

Better Caliber

Enterprise grade platform. Pre-curated talent and talent ratings ensure high caliber talent.

Save Money

Direct to contractor model with redeployment enables significant cost savings.

Change is happening

Everyone is going digital
$0 Billion

The market size for digital
recruitment by the year 2020
(Staffing Industry Analysts)

How it works

Simple and powerful


Define Talent Pools

Enter the skills you require, when you need them, location, and rate.


Invite Talent

Invite talent you know and leverage our recruitment partner network.


Review Matches

Review and shortlist matching talent for best fit.


Select and Hire

Select and click to hire the best candidate on demand.

Our Difference

Changing staffing and recruitment for the better

Build exclusive invite only talent pools

Participate in the process and add partners

New Economics
Redeploy talent and achieve huge savings

Enterprise Grade
A robust, scalable platform with open APIs

What Our Clients Say

“Curasion is a new innovative digital platform and business model that we have big expectations for. If the results from our pilot are any indication, it has the potential to be a game changer in the acquisition of talent not only for Deloitte, but for the industry as a whole.”

Stephen Resar
Partner, Deloitte
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Digital Recruiting

Hire Professional Contractors on Demand

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